Blood tests, fake taxis and naked elbows ;)

My school knows it all. Look at what they sent me (together with an incredibly detailed plan for my first week there, tons of sensible advice and all you can think of):

we have prepared the following “pre-arrival” videos in order to make your trip to Jordan as smooth as possible:

(A) Pre-Arrival
(B) Airport Arrival Guide
(C) Orientation Series: Visa
(D) Transportation in Amman
(E) Campus Tour

Now. (A) is a 16′ long video that repeats many things they had already communicated in writing, so I mainly focused on the cute (though very serious) guy on the right.

(B) is both impressive and scary: impressive because it basically provides a 3D map of Queen Alia airport and an exact description of what happens upon arrival; scary because it seems to imply that things aren’t always super smooth and that if you don’t smile to security officers bad things may happen… which is good to know! I’ll give them the best 2am 30-tooth smile they have ever seen.

Then (C) is miiiiildly interesting given I come from a lucky country, and there aren’t even cute guys in it so I watched it while choosing what bijouterie to take with me. Fun fact: some people from Asia get asked to get a blood test once in Jordan. Hmm.

Video (D) made it clear to me I will probably want to get rollerblades or the likes (a friend with a car?), because transportation in Amman sounds like a nightmare! Tricky/ picky/ invasive taxi drivers, complicated city map, tons of cultural normsunplanned buses (weird, right? haha who thought those existed?!), random fake taxis (!!) …but ok, I suppose it will be fun.

Finally! (E). I was shocked. SHOCKED! I have been very careful when selecting my summer clothes for Jordan. I read the student policy agreement and followed all dress-code rules. Now what are all these naked elbows and chests doing??? I feel betrayed!! But YAY, I’ll study within “Sports City” in “University Street”, sooo cool. I feel like I’m in Pokémon World. And campus looks really good 🙂

-4 to departure…

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