A Bucharest bike tour

My Egyptian friend Ramy sent me a link to his video on YouTube where he bikes around his city and (I suppose) says stuff about it in Arabic.

While I really appreciated him sharing it with me, this is all I understood:

good morning, Ramadan, bicycle, police, metro, Arab police (?!), Arabia, Moldova, Romania, cinema, Polytechnic, station, madrasa, from, piazza Romana “which is not romana from Romania but romana from Rome”, khalas, Bucharest

Not bad, in a way.
In another way… I certainly wish I could understand more hahaha!! It would make a nice Christmas present if I could get the hang of this by the end of the year, just to set a clear target.

Fingers crossed & back to studying!!
Shukran Ramy 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Bucharest bike tour

  1. I think it was very good what you caught, considering that I was speaking fast and in Egyptian dialect (basically trying to show my people in Egypt the city where I reside now: Bucharest). I am very proud of you, my first student and my dearest friend in Europe 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Ramy!! It’s great to hear that hehehe 🙂 and I’m deeply honoured to be your dearest friend in Europe! You’re my favourite Egyptian person and the first Arabic teacher I liked!!!!


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